Your best denim vest ever

Who we are

We are the brand that makes you look Xtraordinary, Super cool, Outstanding, Unique and of course OSOM.
OSOM is One Size One Model –  it means that no one in the World will have the same vest or jacket.

You will be 100% One of a kind!

Our product is a piece of art manufactured with the best materials by experienced professionals and you will take part in creating your look together with us.

So just tell us what you like, hit order and Be OSOM!


We use only the best high-quality denim fabric

High quality German threads Gutterman

Lining with individual print

Aftersales service (free delivery of accessories in case of loss)

Premium quality accessories

OSOM cares about environment. We can recycle your own jeans and use it for your new garment providing you 20% discount

How we work?

Fill up an application here and be OSOM

We will get in touch with you shortly and start working on your OSOM look

From your application we will get to know your personality better, will be able to understand your wishes and amazing ideas for your new garment.

Our talented designers will draw a sketch of the future vest according to your wishlist and will send it for your approval

After adjustments are made to the sketch, we will select all the fabrics, accessories, lining and other items for your unique outfit.

Our designer will create a pattern according to your measurements. And you will have an opportunity to be involved in every stage of the production of your look.

Give us your final ‘Go Ahead’ and the strong threads will sew the fabric forever :)

We are happy to deliver your garment wherever you are and  anywhere in the World! Just put it on and be OSOM

Are you ready to order your best denim vest?

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